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“Thank you for the services provided on 5/23. The experience was pleasant and the services of high quality. We will share your information with friends and colleagues and we will be sure to be in touch. ”

Kind Regards,


“My husband & I were really pleased with all the cleaning the two ladies did for us.”

– Charley F.

“They did a great job. My house/condo has never been so clean. It is better then a vacation. Thank you.”

– Susan M.

“Natural/non-toxic cleaning is the way to go and Clean & Green’s knowledge and expertise to make it happen. It took me years to find someone who I could trust that would respect my allergy / asthma issue. Also Clean & Green taught me new tricks in the natural market. I can only highly recommend this company as they are thorough, energetic, cheerful, precise, and mostly a pleasure to do business with.”

– Doreen Hein

“The team-ladies who cleaned my home were very polite and really great!!!!”

– Iwona Pruski

“Thursday is now my favorite day of the week, it’s cleaning day! I can relax on Thursday night and feel so pampered after my home cleaned. It’s sparkling, smells fresh and feels clean. Clean & Green is staffed by truly pleasant and hard-working women who take a real pride in the work that they do. As a Polish woman myself, we always joke that no one knows how to clean like one of us! Well I’m the type of person who used to think that no one could ever clean as well as I do… I was wrong. Clean & Green does!”

– Skye DeMicco

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